Annihilate Me: Holiday - Christina Ross

Annihilate Me: Holiday

By Christina Ross

  • Release Date: 2018-11-05
  • Genre: New Adult


Note:  You must read volumes 1-4 in the Annihilate Me series before reading the Holiday edition.

It's Christmas along the coast of Maine with Jennifer and Alex, Lisa and Tank, and Blackwell and her two daughters all primed for the festivities.

At least on paper.

Because what initially sounds like a good idea quickly proves questionable when Blackwell herself demands to cook Christmas dinner with zero help from the others. Will she serve roughage and ice?

Or a proper dinner made by someone who knows zip about cooking? 

Meanwhile, love grows between Jennifer and Alex, who bring forth a major announcement. And Lisa and Tank, who have yet to take their relationship to the next level, take to separate bedrooms. But with their romance riding high, the only question is how long they'll be sleeping single in a double bed.... 

Romance, love, sexy times and hilarity ensue!